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MTC Free Techno 5

MTC presents FREE TECHNO 5!

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I’m incredibly excited and pumped to announce I’ll be playing at the next MTC event! To say MTC are an institution in the Melbourne techno scene is a massive understatement.  They’ve been doing their thing for as long as I’ve been in the scene, and then some.  We go back a[…]

This Halloween – Dead people rave!

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My old doofer buddy, 6head_slug, is putting together a little shindig in a warehouse in Preston! There will be zombies, brains, and techno, hard techno and acid/shranz! I’ll be playing slightly harder and darker tech, and the night will progress into an undead, unrelenting madhouse of mega BPMs. Click here for event[…]

The opening DJ

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I quite like this article.  Punters, being the paying people who just want to be entertained, rarely consider the potential magic of an opener.  In my eyes, a good one is just like a snake charmer, bringing the party people from out of the bottle. What do you guys think?[…]

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