fishsessions, January 2021

Fishy’s back, tell a friend.

Here’s the latest from me, lingfish, straight to your ears.

More smokey, dark tech, including some primo meat from Vohkinne, and tasty cuts from Axel Karakasis, Virgil Enzinger and A.Paul.

Three decks, two channels, one love.


Click here for the set!

fishsessions, July 2019

After a long hiatus, I’m back with some dark, bangin’, and sometimes straight up bizarre choonage. I hope you enjoy it!

Click here for the set!

My set from MTC, 6 December 2015

MTC presents FREE TECHNO 5!

MTC Free Techno 5

I’m incredibly excited and pumped to announce I’ll be playing at the next MTC event!

To say MTC are an institution in the Melbourne techno scene is a massive understatement.  They’ve been doing their thing for as long as I’ve been in the scene, and then some.  We go back a long way!

Come along to the final MTC event for 2015; and remember it’s a day/night event — great for us old folk 😉  I’ll be playing at night.

Click here for event info, and I hope to see you there!


The zombies dig tekkers!

Rave Of The Dead 4 warehouse party

Had a ball playing last weekend.  6 did an amazing job putting together a top event.

Click here for the recording!

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